About Us

VisionTo be a world class Centre for capacity building in all aspects of undergraduate and graduate teaching with a view to achieving excellence in students’ learning

Mission: To establish and operate a Centre for excellence in teaching and learning for diagnosing pedagogical problems, through classroom observation and interaction evaluation and analysis.

  • To design and develop ICT packages (CDs and DVDs) on appropriate strategies for teaching at the higher level of education.
  • To train higher education teachers using the ICT – based tools on the identified and appropriate teaching strategies peculiar to various disciplines.
  • To give such higher education teachers opportunities to practice the skills developed through micro-teaching sessions which is also ICT driven.
  • To assist the teachers through evaluation and mentorship to improve their teaching skills.
  • To provide on line and face to face assistance to academic staff in all their challenges and or interest in excellent teaching
  • To organize periodic training workshops for achieving all the above for University of Ibadan staff and those outside in line with the university vision to meet societal needs
  • To conduct counseling sessions on challenges of teaching in general and
  •   Expose clients to best practices in higher education teaching.


 “To be a world-class Centre for building academic staff capacity in all aspects of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching towards achieving excellence in students’ learning” ,“identifying and diagnosing”, “that demonstrate the best”

“To facilitate and encourage the adoption of the appropriate and best teaching strategies through the use of the said ICT packages and other ICT tools that are peculiar to various disciplines.”

“their newly acquired or developed skills through actual teaching sessions that are arranged to be ICT-driven”

 “To assist such higher education teachers through continuing mentorship and evaluation to ceaselessly improve their teaching skills.”

“To provide real-time, on-line and face-to-face assistance to any and all interested academic staff who are facing challenges in their pursuit of teaching excellence.”

“To periodically organize training workshops towards achieving all the objectives listed above for the academic staff of the University of Ibadan and other higher institutions, meeting societal needs in line with UI’s Vision.”

“To conduct unscheduled counseling sessions of a general nature for various groupings of academic staff from time to time.”

“To expose all of the Centre’s clients to the best teaching practices in higher education.”